Deputy Chief of Mission Martina Boustani

Martina Boustani

Martina Boustani is a Foreign Service Officer whose areas of regional focus are Africa and Northern Europe. She has worked in the fields of international relations, management, project administration, teaching and sales.

Ms. Boustani was born in Germany and grew up in South Africa and Namibia. She did her undergraduate studies in Germany and completed three master’s degrees at the University of Michigan (English Literature), the University of Pennsylvania (German Language, Literature and Linguistics), and the National Defense University (War College: National Security Strategy). She taught grade and middle school in Lagos, Nigeria, and German, English, and Film Studies at various colleges and universities. Ms. Boustani taught German and Afrikaans at the Foreign Service Institute for seven years, before joining the Foreign Service in 1995.

Ms. Boustani’s first posting in the Foreign Service took her to Lome, Togo. She went on to postings in Johannesburg, South Africa; Berlin, Germany; again Togo; Kampala, Uganda; Cotonou, Benin; and Accra, Ghana. She speaks French, German, Afrikaans, and some (very little) Arabic. Ms. Boustani is married. The Boustani’s have three children and six grandchildren.

Ms. Boustani is currently posted to Dakar, Senegal where she serves as Deputy Chief of Mission.