Policy & History

The United States established diplomatic relations with Guinea-Bissau in 1975, following its independence from Portugal. Newly elected President Jose Mario Vaz assumed power in June 2014 after fair and free elections. Vaz’s inauguration ended a civilian Transitional Government that emerged in the wake of a coup in April 2012. While the United States is expanding its programs and presence in the country as a statement of our support for the elected government, optimism remains guarded as the country has seen a mix of coups, attempted coups, civil war, assassinations, and democratic elections.

There is no U.S. Embassy in Guinea-Bissau. All official U.S. contact with Guinea-Bissau is handled by the U.S. Embassy in Senegal. Local employees staff the U.S.Liaison Office in Bissau, and U.S. diplomats from the Embassy in Dakar travel frequently to Bissau.